Each Valentine’s Day is always a lot of men and women to the other half of strenuous efforts to show teaser really matter, and Roger Vivier’s creative director Bruno Frisoni Bruno Frisoni places most concise eternal value – “love” as the theme, the passion of love inject brand 2015 spring and summer series. The latest flagship iconic buckle will outline sweet perfection is always a symbol of the brand’s charm.
Classic brand handbag Miss Viv ‘playing visual effects, on a white leather red tone add a touch of elegance, the deduction of the colored part of the heart-shaped pattern made within the framework of the same color combination, highlight feminine. Gommette flat ballet shoes “T-shirt Love” to attract the eye streamer silver toe irregular heart-shaped pattern and Love will make up the unique taste of the words on either side of the image. The same design on the Mini Buckle handbag even more extravagance but yet elegant, hand bag with gold chain strap embellishment on both sides, as you dotting different shapes. Men can be romantic by “T-shirt Love” series a sop.

Roger Vivier 2015 passed the love 2 Roger Vivier 2015 passed the love 3 Roger Vivier 2015 passed the love


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2014 spring and summer, Frida Giannini Gucci creative director will continue the love iconic prints of her Gucci Flora legendary: Following the 2013 broke Ms. Flora exclusive product after practice, Frida in the season as keen fashion, love Men will yuppie life presents a backpack with Smart Flora printing color.

The new season of Flora printing and natural echoes tend to be more ethereal and hand-drawn style. Unlimited meandering through overlapping prints, large areas of design and intricate symmetrical patterns and other practices of black and white silhouette graphic pattern overlap , and then hand-painted every detail by way of painting , the final completion of the entire process of silk screen printing . Every detail described as excellence. Backpack perforated leather material of high quality , breathable and lightweight bag body . Removable leather shoulder strap design provides a variety of ways to meet the different needs when traveling . Bag hooks and latch are made of hypoallergenic precious metal palladium finish, with leather lining and embossed Gucci shield details presented together represent the production of premium-quality Italian insisted .
As we all know , Flora pattern originated in the Princess Grace Kelly, respected by the royal family love . Not only that , it is also popular modern artists of all ages. “JOJO Bizarre Adventure ,” the author , a famous Japanese cartoonist Hirohiko Araki worked in 2013 as a creative inspiration for a new comic story.

Men with Gucci Flora series of travel bags , as if a seat is also a wonderful garden tour , grass and flowers around the dense atmosphere , will be the best partner to explore the adventures of the young men were in the city or on the road .
Widely beloved Gucci pattern – Flora ‘s brilliant birth , all because of a special custom delegate. After 1966 , (Prince Rainier of Monaco) and (Princess Grace Kelly) come hand in Gucci stores in Milan , two buy a green Bamboo handbag , Rodolfo Gucci insisted Princess Grace Kelly , please pick a gift. Shengqingnanque , Princess final decision to a scarf. Contact Rodolfo famous painting division Vittorio Accornero immediately, he designed one of the most beautiful floral scarf. The next day , Accornero brought his paintings , which is “Flora” – a colorful flower images , including 43 kinds of floral patterns from different seasons from the poppy anemone , from Maozhaocao to iris , these charming flowers are also associated with berries , butterflies , wasps, grasshoppers and dragonflies , as many as 37 kinds of poetic use of color , creating a birth machine abundant throughout the year , and it is destined to shine very bright day after moving in Ray .

gucci 2014 handbag gucci 2014 handbags Gucci bags

Gucci 2014 handbag new minimalist, with lightweight cotton canvas material, dark blue bag body like a vast ocean, gives coolness, floating above a blossoming small umbrella, sweet and playful and cute!
Gucci) new canvas bag, a sudden you’re really hard to find an accurate word to describe it when you see the top of a small umbrella printing. This bag with lightweight cotton canvas material, dark blue bag body like a vast ocean, gives coolness, floating above a blossoming small umbrella, sweet and cute and lovely, very suitable for girls and little girls in a money bags. Handle coupled with soft leather, white consistent with umbrellas, looks very coordinated. Style simple and elegant! Bag body length 62 cm, height of about 37 cm, capacity large enough to let you go out to bring the day’s necessities, very convenient. In addition to this blue, Gucci has introduced a yellow color to see which one you like it!

Gucci handbags

GUCCI 2014 new classic reproduce Basel : Large ceramic watch G-CHRONO debut
G-Chrono watch series is a Gucci watch product portfolio is one of the most classic series . Thick G -shaped bezel is representative of the pattern Gucci watch for tribute , but also endowed with new ideas, adding more Gucci classic elements .
Gucci watches and jewelery pleased to announce the G-Chrono Ceramic watch series Adds force . With existing large yards (44mm) watch different creature , new watches adopt smaller size (38mm) designed to build the case for the ceramic and stainless steel , the surface adding a high degree of brand recognition Gucci diamond pattern.
Purification of glossy black or white ceramic with a sense of luxury , so watch even more elegant. Surface showed a consistent style : black watch the sun with the same color pattern surface , white watch the sun compared to silver grain surface , the details of the watch brands include Gucci on the “G” pattern crown and Gucci logo at 12 o’clock direction. 6 o’clock visible ” Swiss Made ” ( Swiss ) certification mark .
The new dimension with Arabic numerals and two oversized buttons , the surface has two small dial , the watch will sleek and neat transition from formal to casual . Redesigned surface retains G-Chrono bold exaggerated aesthetic style , but also to create a distinctive personality for the smaller size of this watch .

Gucci Watches


2014 Basel GUCCI New G-TIMELESS SLIM automatic watch to debut new look
Gucci watches and jewelry grand launch three new G-Timeless Slim series . The new G-Timeless Slim retains charming streamlined shape, equipped with Swiss-made ETA 2895 automatic movement , with ultra-thin surfaces and curved bezel microstrip show ideas, so watch gift delicate texture.
The surface of the new design include more distinctive diamond pattern , extending all the way to the edge of the surface , creating a strong modern aesthetic . Minute scale coupled with small seconds at 6 o’clock , so watch the show dynamic atmosphere . Xiangtie time scale is more slender, also maintain more simple colors.
G-Timeless Slim style automatic watch offers three options: two stainless steel watch black or silver surface mining , another watch rose gold hue. First watch with stainless steel chain belt , black surface decorated with rose gold hour markers and hands . Black leather strap paragraph mining design , silver finish with black minute scale . Finally, a special watch is rose gold and stainless steel , with a package 18K rose gold bezel , in a light-colored roses and white minute scale gold surface even more dazzling backdrop . Commensurate with brown crocodile leather strap watch also added a touch of unique style.
Each watch design are large (40mm) and adopt a transparent glass bottom , can be decorated with Gucci classic argyle automatic swing Tuo glance, and surface design embraced.
6 o’clock visible on the surface of G-Timeless Slim automatic watch ” Swiss Made ” certification mark , date window at 3 o’clock , 12 o’clock with the Gucci logo and automatic message.

Gucci 2014 Watches


2014 NEW GUCCI INTERLOCKING large yards Basel dark gray PVD watches new listing
Is a new member of the Interlocking Gucci watches watches, with unparalleled style and eye-catching Gucci Gucci watches classic signs perfectly into the product portfolio. Watch mining linked double G pattern, re-interpretation of Gucci in the 1960s with founder Guccio Gucci initials inspired design famous logo.
Gucci watches and jewelery in this grand introduce you to the new series of dark gray, show the distinctive style and staggered through the light and dark matte effect.
This striking large yards (42mm) using bright side and watch matte PVD staggered way to highlight linked double G pattern. Interlocking watch bezel to become the high degree of recognition of the Gucci logo arena full of charm.
Surface and streamlined shape new watch line of succession to maintain the beauty of simplicity, the sun stone gray Gucci logo pattern background only 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock and “Swiss Made” to prove the words. After dark gray polished stainless steel chain with PVD treatment, adding an elegant texture and contemporary in style with a masculine atmosphere.

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Like fashion you will know, (Gucci) brand has always been in the blood has a gorgeous rock (Glam Rock) in the DNA, so the brand of clothing has been designed to feel full of dark and shiny, Gucci creative director (Frida Giannini) exposes more Collect over 8,000 LPs.
Recently, Gucci and more to rock and roll as the center, has launched a new limited edition Gucci Guilty Stud classic men’s fragrance brand Gucci Guilty fragrance, for the same rock you like designed.
Bottle limited edition silver Gucci Guilty fragrance for men and women on a golden Gucci Guilty fragrance, are studded with over 400 rivets as decoration, packed full of gorgeous feeling, valuable collections, definitely can become extravagant Gifts .

The new limited edition Gucci Guilty Stud fragrances

Famous international luxury brands Gucci Gucci sunglasses released Bamboo Bamboo Spring 2014 Ad Campaign. Chinese actress Li Bingbing as a spokesperson appearance.
The film Zhang Jing by photographer Solve Sundsbo, Joke hair all Zhaqi, wearing Gucci bamboo sunglasses, exposing smooth forehead. Coupled with classic red lips, the entire image is very intellectual, but also with a tough and capable. It is reported that Li Bingbing cooperation since 2012 very understanding, has the endorsement Gucci bamboo handbags watch series and series. The more so at the same time she became the first endorsement Gucci watches, handbags and glasses of Chinese star.

Mirror arm Gucci Bamboo sunglasses classic natural bamboo, including brown, tortoiseshell and marble three styles. Which sunglasses designed to be simple, priced $ 3,250

Gucci 2014 new bamboo glasses 2 Gucci 2014 new bamboo glasses

Gucci watches jewelry pleased to launch three G-Timeless Slim series of new models . The new G-Timeless Slim watch equipped with “Swiss made” the ETA 2895 automatic movement , inheriting the series is known for sleek charm while using a more ” slim ” and slightly curved surfaces bezel for wrist table gift delicate flavor. New features also reflected in the surface : the diamond patterns on a wider range has been extended to the edge of the surface , in order to create a strong modern aesthetic. 6 o’clock one minute and small seconds counter at adding more vitality so that the whole wristwatch Smart . Finally , Xiangtie time scale become more ” slim” , with minimalist style to create more .
G-Timeless Slim automatic watch has three styles : two of which uses stainless steel material , with a black or silver surface , which is also decorated with a rose gold elements. Black surface models with stainless steel bracelet , rose gold hour markers and hands . Silver surface models with black leather strap, contrasting black -minute drive time . Finally, rose gold and stainless steel material is common to create unique watches, decorated with 18K rose gold bezel . With shades of light pink surface , together with strong contrast white -minute drive time . Extremely dissonant brown alligator strap becomes a unique piece to wrap up the whole pen .

Each watch are big yards ( 40 mm ) , are used in a transparent glass table cover, automatic swing Tuo clearly visible, engraved with Gucci ‘s iconic diamond pattern design , and design of the surface echo each other. G-Timeless Slim Automatic watches are at 6 o’clock show “Swiss Made” character, date window at 3 o’clock , 12 o’clock printed with “Gucci” logo and the words “AUTOMATIC”.

GUCCI sophisticated Mo Dengfan new watch

Gucci2014 new bag of innovative Harness hobo shoulder bag lady temperament most worthy career start, classic elegant and spacious look for your spring dress add a touch of eye-catching flavor. Straps at the Gucci brand classic horsebit overall decor brings a hint of retro colors, high-quality brown leather bag body reflects your quest for excellence, the overall elegant atmosphere, is an advocate of top quality every lady’s wardrobe essential a classic bag. Harness hobo shoulder bag is not only durable and spacious volume, work or travel easily installed under Ms. daily necessities. The brand’s iconic horsebit decoration straps, as well as eye-catching bag body GUCCI brand identity, reflecting the extraordinary taste backpack’s!

Gucci 2014 New Harness hobo shoulder bag

Gucci 2014 Handbags

GUCCI green leather handbag
The body bags from GUCCI handbag selection has shiny green leather, a sense of extraordinary quality, the upper sides with gold metal decoration, one side with golden ornaments hanging ear, shoulder strap is woven shape, overall body bags and straps into a triangle, quite a personality.

gucci 2014 handbags


Gucci pink leather chain bag
Pale pink square calfskin leather chain bag, gold metal chain shoulder strap can be used as back when, the bag has two leather lining, 100% calfskin lining, golden metal structures close to the advanced leather, bag the opening and closing of the use of this metal belt buckle is connected at both ends, in this simple shape highlights the decor looks a whole clutch of very elegant modern sense. Dress with black sandy attend the banquet you will become the focus of much attention.

gucci 2014 handbags-2


Gucci messenger bag beige stitching
Gucci 2014 early spring vacation series of handbags, wild and practical is this season’s handbag design concept, classic style will show the most generous and elegant, chain and tassel embellishment make these classic style all the more stylish and romantic, metal accessories the details of the heritage of the brand classic equestrian culture.

gucci 2014 handbags-3



Gucci2014 spring yellow leather shoulder bag, classic styling, exquisite soft yellow leather, elegant, fine match belt shuttle sewing decorative, luxurious charm.

Gucci2014 summer shoulder bag


Gucci 2014 Series Ladies SOHO early spring handbags, very modern Disco style, with an adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for any occasion day to night, with the classic interlocking GG logo and tassel embellishment, Gucci women sketched season infinite charm.
The series consists of soft luxurious calfskin, made ​​of rare python skin and ostrich. Colorful color, including sunflower color, vintage rose, grass and sky blue color, as well as low-key maple color, cream and black.

Gucci2014 summer small bag


New Year’s pleasure has not faded, and ushered in a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is not just roses and chocolate, not just a romantic dinner candle wine , whether pondered what kind of gift for their loved ones that pick ? Let Gucci limited edition Valentine’s Day Special Collection for your emotions !
The brand’s classic pattern Guccissima leather printing , to show the way the mini interlocking double G pattern , full leather material with large red theme is more chic, warm colors even more her feel warm. Ubiquitous red heart-shaped accessory details imbued truth , bulging shape as the intimate words of love are firmly locked in them, as if telling her that you are hard to care for , hard to understand her . Valentine’s Day Collection from using the best selection of leather material origin to Gucci heritage of the past century craftsmanship production , each complex processes by experienced craftsmen to complete . From handbags , wallets and toiletry kits to footwear , so she can feel the deep love any occasion .
Valentine’s Day special limited edition series of optional practical style handbag is a good choice to commute to work , bright colors for the dreary winter brings a good mood. Heart-shaped wallet with different shapes with different leather materials to choose from , a single metal quality hasp words printed handwriting “gucci”, with a big red stamp Guccissima leather , rich dramas . The models with pearl leather heart-shaped Gucci logo inlaid bow, extremely creative and chic elegance. Thoughtful design metal bag chain , making it instantly turned the evening bag . Red Guccissima printing was first used in a very creative design wash bag , wash time to let them become a mood , it is easy to carry , travel is also in a good mood .
2013 Valentine’s Day, let her indulge in the romantic world of Gucci .
Little love is deep , boundless love . Gucci as a bridge between you and she loves the same time, more acutely aware of the brand as a first-line social responsibility and environmental responsibility , all products are subject to strict control of production processes , to achieve a low-carbon zero pollution, environmental protection and contribute their strength. Love the environment , love the earth . Gucci 2013 Collection Valentine’s Day is also a special limited edition Gucci to the environment, to the Earth a gift of love .

Gucci2014 love bag


Gucci2014 crimson spring dinner clutch, noble mature crimson leather, shiny delicate combination of two drill placement, sizes, decorated in crimson patchwork leather, absolutely let you become a star.

Gucci2014 crimson spring dinner clutch


Gucci2014 spring yellow leather dual-use bag, elegant luxury leather yellow leather, delicate, highlighting the natural texture of the charm. Match the shape of delicate bamboo portable, elegant novel, full of creativity.

Gucci2014 spring yellow leather dual-use bag